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and Service Organization Software

  • Centalize Operations
  • Automate Core Workflows
  • Manage Operations
  • Coordinate Employee Activies
  • Visit and Delivery verification
  • Route Planning
  • Payments and Donations

About Efficiency

Managing, collecting and maintaining your client’s information for your service organization, home healthcare, community non-profit or meal delivery program is a time consuming and labor intensive administrative challenge.

If your organization has multiple offices, staffing job types, uses a volunteer labor force and offers a variety of services you have the added complexity of maintaining multiple billing rates and client “service” strategies based on time and available personnel support.

Efficiency Organization Software excels at coordinating staff tasking, work flow and financials into one easy to use, browser-based, administrative portal.



Efficiency is a cloud-based database application which runs on any web browser from  a Windows, iPAD, iPhone or Android device.  This means you can easily deploy Efficiency’s capabilities with complete “administrative permission controlled access to anyone or anywhere! 

Plan of Care integrated
with scheduling and billing

Efficiency is a cloud-based, HIPAA and PCI compliant agency database application which facilitates management, staff coordination, administration, client services. visit verification, route planning, billing and reports on every facet of your  organization’s services.


Because Efficiency is web-based it can be accessed and used on any type of computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Any part of this application can be used by staff, volunteers, management and clients.

We have been very careful to control access rights to your data.  Permissions can only be granted by an assigned administrator so clients see and receive client info, while staff and volunteers, based on the job category, only receive theirs.

Electronic visit verification

Electronic visit verification (EVV) is built into Efficiency’s secure browser-based mobile application.  All client interaction can be documented and time/date stamped with a simple click of a button.  Information is collected by client and staff member at time service is provided.

Staff and Volunteer
Management, Coordination and Scheduling

Improving care comes from centralizing all your agency’s information into an online, cloud-based, database application.  Efficiency is a HIPAA-compliant system that makes the right information accessible to the right staff at the right time. Scheduling includes automatic route planning using Google maps, so nobody needs to get lost! Efficiency offers automated, Google maps integrated, time tracking and reports by employee, by route ID or date.  This means all mileage reports are automatically generated. including mileage reimbursement.

Donations and Fundraising

  • Donation forms are integrated into your WordPress or HTML-based website.
  • PCI compliant using a simple PayPal or Authorize.net API that keeps the form on YOUR domain so you can maintain a consistent brand identity with complete confidence that all transactions are secure.
  • Donation form supports recurring donations using auto-pay to set frequency and amount of donation.
  • Donor data can be reused for marketing using location and donation amount parameters.
  • Simple email address export to marketing services like Constant Contact and MailChimp.
  • Fundraising events are an integral part of a non-profits’s funding.  Efficiency supports website event signup and payment from a single gala, to multiple community events.

User Profiles
and Access Permissions

Efficiency supports multiple user profiles and data access so no matter how many “types” of management, employee and volunteer support staff you have a user only has access to the information he or she needs.

Data access security is a critical focus for our software and access is defined by username and password protection.  In cases where sensitive client information is used we can integrate data monitoring using email and text notifications.

Secure Payments

Efficiency has integrated a scure, PCI DSS compliant API for PayPal and Authorize.net online payments.  This means you can offer your clients an easy payment method that can be customized to a service option and recurring payment plans.

Our Administration Portal displays payments in real time, tracks credit card payments have been authorized and easily integrates with your QuickBooks accounting system.  By employing an account ID and client name scheme our payment form is extremely secure.

All client payments, donations and event payments are executed from you website; we do not send you to a secondary source using a different web address, design or graphic layout.  This is extremely important for 2 reason: you do not have to pay for this service and you can maintain your organizations branding.

Because some clients prefer check or cash payments we also track payments made to field staff or mailed in to your office.


Reusable Data

All the data Efficiency collects is reusable.  Your collection of email address of clients, fund raising attendees and donors can be reused for your email campaigns easily using Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Demographics and profiles can be aggregated and and examined to better your agency’s operations.

Data reuse, when ethically employed, will encourage, engage and improve all aspects of your services including analyzing new methodologies and better practices to streamline your organization and increase your operational margins.


Efficiency software combines employee, client,  volunteer information scheduling, route planning, payment and donation management into a centralized, web-enabled, database service.

Efficiency is simply the best tool to organize your organization!

Efficiency offers a unique solution to the home healthcare, meal delivery and non-profit community that enables you to access all your operational information from a single browser-based user interface.  Safe, secure and easy to use this management solution gives you a “single point of connection” to all your organizations information . . . instead of searching through filing cabinets, spreadsheets or “calling” employees and volunteers.

Efficiancy is a cloud-based SQL server application developed for home healthcare agencies, senior’s meal delivery organizations and can be used by any other community service or nonprofit organization. 

Efficiency differentiates itself from other agency software products in 2 very important ways:

  1. Efficiency is a browser-based, internet software product.
    1. This means you can use and access all of Efficiency’s capabilities from any type of computer, tablet or smartphone as long as it has a connection to the internet
    2. Because we are PCI and HIPAA compliant you never have to worry about security
    3. We support multiple user types, and EVERY account profile is created by YOUR administrator so each member of your organization can only see and access the capabilities you want them to use.
      1. And, of course, EVERY user has to have a username and password!
  2. Payments and donations can be made directly through YOUR website
    1. Our secure, PCI compliant, APIs can support payment and donation forms on YOUR website using a PayPal or Authorize payment gateway.
    2. We support RECURRING payments and donations
    3. We have a “referral” button, so a person making a donation or signing up for an event can send an invitation to a friend or co-worker.

We're here to help

Although Efficiency was founded to assist Home Healthcare and Meal Delivery agencies we have expanded our core technology to assist all types of organizations …  to almost any type of professional service provider that must keep track of clients, client engagement, online scheduling and payment systems.

When you contact us remember our software is extremely flexible and can facilitate almost any type of organization that provides a professional, community or support operation

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